Sunday, October 3, 2010

Alternatives to the Altis & Civic: Part 3/5

The all new Naza Forte. Yes, it's actually a Kia. Right now, you're probably thinking, bad resale value, expensive maintenance, 19th century technology and horrible build quality and who can blame you. So this is probably just another Kia right? Wrong. 

The all new Naza Forte utilizes the all new fuel efficient Gamma 1.6 & Theta 2.0 engines. The Theta is actually the same engine as the one found in the Mitsubishi Lancer. Albeit with some differences to the engine's head. It also comes in three levels of trim, 2 for the 1.6 and 1 for the 2.0.

The car has also been selling well in European markets, which says a lot for it, considering the market. So not too much to worry about the engine then. The only possibility of mechanical problems then is our local service centres mucking them up, only time will tell. The car itself extremely handsome, designed by ex-Audi man, Peter Schreyer who also designed the TT coupe.

From L-R: The New Engines, Meter Cluster, Gear Console with Semi-Auto Mode
All New Naza Forte
With a sharp looking exterior, good panel fitment on the outside and a strong heart, the Forte doesn't
dissapoint. On the inside, fit and finish as well as the quality of materials used are almost as good if not equal to it's Japanese competitors. Interior space is adequate as well. 

To top it all off, the car is well specced. All variants come with driver and passenger airbags, 4 disc brakes and ABS. The 1.6SX and 2.0SX also get Stability Control and Traction Control while the 2.0 gets an additional 4 airbags plus leather seats. 

With such great specs, you'd expect it to be similarly priced to the Civic and Altis right? WRONG again!
The Forte starts from RM 75,800 for 1.6EX, RM 81,800 for the 1.6SX and RM93,800 for the fully specced 2.0SX. This is then, undoubtedly the most value for money car. Hopefully because the car is so much better then Kia's of old, the value will hold up.

Value for money
Sharp looks
Quality that belies it's price
Good looking interior
More features than the competition

Potentially poor resale value
After sales service provider has a dubious reputation

Suitable For:
-Family man who needs a C-segment sedan on a budget
-Any C-segment shoppers who aren't brand conscious


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